Interesting .38 Colt Hollifield Dotter


Picked this up a bit ago. Not the standard one that’s seen more often. I’ll have it “in the flesh” at Williamsport, hope many of you will attend.


Jon - are you sure that is a Hollififield round? It sure looks crude for one of theirs. I can’t figure what the threads on the tip projection are all about?

Granted, I don’t have a lot of experience with these - the only one I have is the .45 Auto, since they didn’t seem to make any in any other calibers that I collect. I have had a .38 and a .30-06 go thru my hands though.


I know little about them myself, and asked Uncle Bill about this one when I got it. He told me he had similar examples and that it was “legit”. The actual maker, Hollifield or another, I couldn’t say. The threads could be to keep the moving rod captive for follow-up shots.


Sorry I won’t be in Williamsport this year, Jon (weddings to attend).

Most of my collection is packed away at the moment, but I could swear my specimen also has this threaded tip.


Tough break, Teak, for both of us. Make sure to get to Morgantown! If you can get to your Dotterer, see if it has headstamp remains around the outer edge of the hole.