Interesting .60 Cal. Dummy

Another find at a gun show today. This .60 dummy would be interesting at any time, but I found the number of knurls on the neck and bullet (2 deep/2 shallow) to be especially interesting. Do the light knurls on the bullet have any significance?


Look at page 194 of HWS II. It describes the dummy round but doesn’t really say much else.


Unfortunately my books are packed for a move and possible hibernation. Does it say anything of interest?

“Another dummy cartridge of the period appears to be loaded with the jacketed T77 Ball bullet. A round examined, headstamped FA 45, has a heavy knurled cannelure on the case neck and the bullet has two extra light cannelures visible just above the case mouth. It is quite possible, however, that this round is of later manufacture. Numerous other types of inert rounds were assembled for demonstration and other purposes and may be found with a variety of components. Some have been examined loaded with inert charges.”

I don’t find any description of the T77 Ball bullet, but the Cal .60 chapter is 28 pages long and I didn’t look at all of it.