Interesting 7.92 Mauser perhaps?

I think the 7.92x57 is an excellent cartridge… Probably the best of it’s era, athough I would also rank 7mm Mauser, 7.5 Swiss and 6.5 swede up pretty high too for being an all around excellent choice. The 6.5mm or .264 calibers are not new to America, you would think they were with the 6.5 craze going on here. My favorite cartridge by far is .303 British… I have a thing for MK7 ball, which is a very efficient cartridge in my opinion. Anyways… back to 7.92x57… Most of the match and heavier fmj bullets have outstanding ballistic coefficients… Which often exceed that of 30-06 or 308 win. I’ve never really been a fan of 30-06 or 308 win in all honesty but they’ve earned their places in history.

@JPeelen looking through my brass I’ve noticed something weird with the primer/ case flash hole… Berdan primed (I think) with only one flash hole that is off centered. Does that make any sense to you? Seen it before?

The dash “-” on the headstamp indicates that it is a single flash hole case.

Very interesting. Must’ve been a cost savings measure of some sort… Only reason I could see it being implemented. Thanks.

Mayhem already explained it.
The single hole has a larger diameter. A single drill with a larger diameter is less prone to breaking than two smaller drills and requires less resources to make replacements.

See the different HS and some boxes


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The earliest use of a single offset flash hole in a Berdan cartridge seen by me is the Mexican 7 m/m Mauser. I have one dated in the early 1920s. Jack

Very interesting and thank you 8x33. I will translate it with google language text. My Czech or Slovak skills are non existent. I am able to read German to a degree, but I don’t speak it that well anymore. Im from the “Missouri Rhineland”… a large community of German farmers who settled in that region of Missouri because it reminded them of home… I was taught German in elementary school, as a first language in the 1950s, until the American federal government came in and said that wasn’t going to fly… Thank you again.

A great thread. at first I was going to post, but anything I had was alrwady covered. there was at one time a lot of left over german czech and even spanish civil war 7.9 ammunition available. Wgen I began collecting many tears ago, I had a dealer freind wsho was always finding ammo. he callewd one day ande had me come over, he had aqcquired 200+ ammo cans of belted 7,9 mixed loads headstamps etc, i got go thru revery belt and can and bought over a 1000 rounds. there were many interesting headstamps loads and lot of czech polish and other odd manufacturers in mix, he didnt know where it came from but knew Id be interested. And early on I met Lew Curtis ass well, still aqn interesting caliber to study!