Interesting 9mm Br.C S&B make


Recently met the guy who was shooting his Walther PP 380 cal. and saw the nickel plated sealed bullets…something older manufacture S&B, I thought…to my surprise it was still with 9mm Br.K,. head stamp (like used on Berdan primed cases) BUT…already with Boxer primer. Have never seen this combination in the past and reloading 380 cal for 20 years. Unfortunately he didn’t have the box - just few remaining cartridges in plastic bag.


Trabi - Thank you very much for this entry. I looked in my own collection
and had only one round of this description, so I looked in my dupes and found
only two with the same external characteristics. I pulled both apart and found
one was Boxer primer type and one was Berdan primer type! Your keen observation
just added a 9 mm Kurz specimen to my collection!

Thanks again.

John Moss


I went through my stuff I have “cumulated” during my youthhood and found the right box to the cartridge posted above…nickel plated steel bullets but already with Boxer primer. Caliber designation still there (9mm K).

9Br box 3


…previous model.

K - with Berdan primer


Tomas, you mean sintered iron bullets or soft iron jackets?


Nooo…just nickel plated steel with lead core. Might be CWS and later on nickel plated. Nothing special for the bore - I have made the comparison in 7.62TT and rifling was worn much faster using the nickel plated bullets than just the CWS.