Interesting 9mm Para Box

Just back from a holiday is France, in one of the many museums I could take a
picture of the following interesting 9mm Box. Enjoy



as this is not my field of collection, can you comment on what is special with that box.

Best regards


For example, it is from the time immediately before any armament related production was limited only to certain manufacturers (Polte in the case of small arms ammunition) by the Inter-Allied Control Commission, accepted by the German government on 04 July 1921.

The propellant is from wartime production (2nd lot 1918) while the primers are new (1920).

A similar box dated 25 Feb was loaded with commercial headstamp DWM ammunition (DWM K 480C K with serif letters). Another box is know dated 4 Feb with assorted DWM headstamps, at least some of which (like DWM B 480C B) were added later.

Nice box, Thanks!