Interesting 9x21mm Gyurza Headstamp

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I recently acquired 9x21mm Gyurza case with the headstamp shown in the pictures below:

Is this an experimental or pre-production stage case?

Any information on the bullet characteristics used by complete cartridges of that year?

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Great headstamp!
1995 appears to be the first hs featuring the 61 for TsNIITOChMASh. The prior ones were 539 (TCW).

Most likely 61 is not making the cases themselfes and they are still made by others with the code 61.

The mid 1990 are the time when TsNIITOChMASh started using the own code rather than taking readily available cases like in Soviet days. Before that the 61 was only seen on tins and crates while hs inside were random Soviet.
Might be related to the then upcoming understanding of own branding and the commercial identity of companies.

Out of 1996 we know the hs ā€œ61 96 9x21ā€. Meas the ā€œŠ“ā€ (Latin ā€œGā€ - likely for Gyurza) was dropped later (after 1995).
1998 headstamps are standard pattern ā€œ61 98ā€ (have not seen 1997, sure may exist).

Our Russian friends may clarify.


Great information!

Do you by any chance have a photo or specifications of the projectile that would be fitted on that case?

Would it be identical to the SP10 as we know it?

Did they use polymer or lead sleeves in the bullets at this stage?

Did they paint the tips black. I have seen a photo of one rg052 cartridge without painted tip

Was the overall length of the cartridge the same as the adopted round?

Many thanks!

These cases from 1995 are loaded as regular SP10 cartridges, including black tip and red neck seal.

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Thank you! Do you know whether the bullet would be the longer version with the polymer sleeve or the shorter version with the lead sleeve?

They have a polyethylene sleeve.

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Thank you!

Fede, one more question:

In 1995, were variants like tracer, ball, low ricochet in production or were these introduced in later years?

Out of those three loads, only ball was in production by 1995.

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Thank you