Interesting announcement in

Check out an interesting announcement in front page

Can someone please provide a summary in English for those who struggle with that single language?

Here are the top 3 announcements in “Babel Fish” translation, I think you get the idea:

The Spanish Association of Cartucher

I’m not following which announcement is the interesting one. The one talking about integration of the website which just makes it sound like the AECC is now using Municion officially as a center for communication or collecting, or the other announcement which makes it sound like there is some sort of impending regulations which will regulate cartridge collecting in Spain? That is if I am understanding those correctly…

Nevermind, I get it now after following the link and translating the pdf file which is the proposed law. It looks like the EU is causing Spain to meet some regulatory requirement which will include fireworks, explosives, and cartridges in the wording. By the sound of the document, Spain is trying to figure out how to meet the requirement without terribly disrupting its traditional festive use of fireworks in many cultural celebrations where civilians traditionally have allot of these. Cartridges is the main concern of the website’s mention of course. Again, this is if I’m translating this right