Interesting box of .45 Colt +P+ from PMC

45 COLT, 300 Gr. JSP. Lot number ELD+5HA002. This box features redundant warnings and a typographical error.

Thanks for posting. A “+P+” in .45 Colt is very odd. There is no SAAMI spec for that caliber for +P or above, and I assume this must be intended strictly for the more solidly built lever-action carbines? For years there has been discussion / consternation regarding just regular +P in that caliber in so far as whether it is safe for use in things like the Taurus Judge or S&W Governor. Many questions remain since one manufacturer’s +P is not necessarily the same as another manufacturer’s +P.

At this link, a forum user mentions that they had contacted PMC about this in July of 2005, and the response was that this particular load would be out by September 2005:

Very ill-advised load in my view. Box labels are fine. But, what about ammunition acquired out of the box? I notice they don’t even o.k. this load for Marlin rifles, not that I would ever fire it in my own. Generally speaking, people shouldn’t fire ammunition without researching the loading, but they do, regardless. Back to the game of trying to make a rifle out of a handgun.

I get the feeling that this loading was driving the PMC company lawyers berserk. This stuff was produced just before PMC ran into a rough stretch and withdrew from the market. I read that that Eldorado was a family run subsidiary of the Korean company, kind of a PMC-USA and that the problems of that time period were due to “withdrawal of material support” on behalf of the home office. I wonder if maybe decisions to produce really questionable loads such as this motivated the PMC to reel in Eldorado for a while.