Interesting Box of PPU 9mm

Blundered into this box of PPU 9x19mm at the range.

Headstamp is PPU (over) 9x19, unlike the normal PPU (over) 9mm LUGER I see all the time.

Most interesting to me is the lack of a “WARNING: Keep Out of Reach of Children” anywhere on the box.


Great box and a new headstamp to me! Thanks.


Lew, I would swear I brought you that box and some rounds last SLICS?

Lew is the Head/Stamp different from the regular PPU Head/Stamp ? or just the red primer sealant ?

You are correct! I have the headstamp on a box you gave me and that was still in my 2018 SLICS stuff not yet put away—unfortunately!

The box you gave me is light yellow and contains 115gr bullets and this one is orange and was for 124gr bullets.When I glanced at the boxes waiting to be loaded in the database, which are many, I didn’t connect the yellow side of the box with the orange box above.

Thanks again for the box and for helping an old man and his gray cells-such as they are!


Lew, nothing should be orange here. It should be tan colored.
I would say the images were taken in living room light.

My cell phone camera did not do the color justice.The color of my PPU/124gr NATO box is a light (almost white) yellow.

Here the original (from the web).
Do not forget that many people have a very “individual” perception of colors.

These are the same color as my 115 gr box!


I find it interesting that they so prominently printed the lot # on the box, with the same print effort as the rest of the label. It’s usually just a stamping, and usually inside the box end-flap, or on the back of box.

Perhaps a specific lot(s), for a specific customer, not likely to be repeated?

It is their Mil-Spec line introduced as early as 2015. Made in 9 mm 115 gr and 124 gr, 5.56 mm M193 and M855, and 7.62 mm M80. Packed in cartons, battlepacks and metal cans.