Interesting Bullet. British?

I assume (1st mistake) this is a British item as the round is headstamped 333-280 Jefferys. The bullet is in 2 parts, apparently. The base reacts to a magnet so it must have a steel core but the tip appears copper and freely spins!

I cannot figure out what the bullet is truly meant to do. What is its purpose?
Enlighten my Colonial mind please. British cartridges are way out of my league anyway.

Its one of the many "patent " bullets that British gunmakers were peddling in the first quarter of the last century.
There was a thread about them recently, I will see if I can find it and pull it forward rather than go through it all again.

I think it should be ( or it is very similar to) a copper caped bullet,a Westley Richards patent.

Very nice sample

Thanks Vince. I thought it must be something like the Bronze Tip design, a controlled expansion technique. An odd looking little critter and some of the dealer sites have hefty prices on them.

The two part bullets as on the pictured example were referred to by Westley Richards as ‘LT’ or ‘Leslie Taylor’ pointed capped expanding bullets. Leslie Taylor invented the capped bullet.