Interesting "Carcano" Clip

Up for auction at GunBroker ( … =119498864 ) is a Mauser style charger loaded with five rounds of what look to me like 6.5 Carcano, and the auction is titled “Five round clip of Carcano bullets” This is obviously not a Carcano clip, which is an en bloc style that holds six rounds.
I was curious so I wrote the seller and asked for more information, and this is his reply:

Hello Curt,
Thank you for your interest. There is an (H) on the bottom center of the clip. The headstamp is B-41 C.A. This appears to be the original clip.

Can anyone out there in the world of clip collectors tell me what I am looking at?

Not an expert, but Carcano clips were 6-rounds, and of a different type, IIRC.


This charger is for 6.5x53mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer as used in the Greek Model 1903 rifle and 1914 carbine and others. It is made to a Pieper/Mannlicher design. It can be seen in the following Patent Specifications: UK 25762; USA 567358 and Belgium 118262… The rims of the cartridges are locked into the charger by the spring latches seen at each end until the charger is pressed down into the charger guide on the rifle. It is a very secure and functional design by Henry Pieper.

The 6.5 Mannlicher Schoenauer and the 6.5mm Carcano cartridges are very similar dimensionally.


I agree,this is not a Carcano clip.

The funny thing is that a lot of Carcano cartridges were fired in mannlicher sch. rifles during the last war.This strange shaped Carcano cases are easy to found in the battlefields.

It is quite common to find out Carcano clips loaded with 6 Mannlicher sch. cartridges.Undoubtely the italian round can be fired in the greek rifle but not vice-versa.I think that these relics are of partisan origin.
Quite recently,a friend of mine discovered 2 wooden boxes of carcano ammunition and clips where there was the Pyrotechnia of Torino.In those boxes were found about 20 or 30 6,5 x 54 Cartridges with greek hds

The only carcano clip made for 5 rounds is the one modified for the 7,92 x 57 German cartridge.Some Carcano rifles were captured by the Germans and rechambered for their ammo.Some of these clips ( quite rare) have a runic “S” in their holes.