Interesting comparison of caliber/incapacitation



Its an interesting compilation of data. I have read Massad Ayob from many years back and met Jan Stephenson twice who was a strong backer of MA and who published “The Handgunner” in the UK. Probably the most reactionary magazine in the UK prior to the handgun ban.

The simple facts distilled from his data (as I see it) is than no calibre of pistol is sufficiently disabling to stop your opponent from shooting back at you. Indeed from another book I had, lent out and never returned, most officers hit in the line of duty did not even realise they had been hit in the first moments after the shooting.

Its not like in the movies where its bang- fallover. There is a much higher level of personal risk in such engagements than the movies would have you believe.

Its interesting to see that the humble .22 rates a slightly higher percentage than many of the heavier calibres.


Good article. As I looked through his tabulated data, all sorts of questions and comments occurred to me, but when I read his analysis, he had addressed them all. I can’t find anything to quibble about.