Interesting cut-a-way photos

Found this link on another site and thought it might fit here. … ring-wwii/

Those are nice sections, and excellent photos of them! One of only a couple prolific sectioners would be responsible for those I suppose, and a Swiss collector comes to mind.

I have noticed that over the past week, this story above about Sabine Pearlman’s ammo photos has been re-blogged over and over and has gone sort of viral. I don’t know where it was first posted, but people seem to be fascinated with the images of sectioned cartridges. I counted over 50 blog type sites where the story and images have been posted, and the one common theme is that commenters misidentify most of the cartridges. The photos are shown out of scale with cartridges shown next to each other sized the same, but which are different calibers, making it difficult. As far as I know my ID key on the Petapixel link above is the most accurate, but somebody can probably correct my ID on the two dummy type rds in the top row.

What is the story on the 7,92 Mauser “explosive” cartridge? I’m not sure I’m familiar with that one. Is it the one that reportedly was made by the British with a German headstamp circa WWII?


Not sure what you mean AKMS, that cartridge is not shown in the link for those sections.