Interesting DUTCH 105MM APFSDS-T Round (Need Some ID HELP)

One thing about collecting a specific type of ammunition, especially large bore, is that specimens rarely become available and when they do, funds may not. I am really excited to have just added two new, inert, tank fired APFSDS items to my collection This one is a 105MM Dutch, APFSDS-T projectile with what I am hoping is its correct DM30 brass case and primer. The other item is a really cool British L23A1 Projectile with its sabot petals. I am almost finished restoring that one as some of the parts may have been fired, or dropped.

Anyhow, here are two photos of the Dutch 105MM projectile and case. I would love any help confirming this is indeed the proper case and the proper primer match for this projectile. If it is, I would like to section the case. Also, this projectile has an unusual, dense foam collar fitted just under the driving band. This is a feature I have not seen before. Thanks in advance for any help confirming the correct projectile, case, primer match.


Projectile Markings

105MM TK
EMZ 9/82 010

Brass Case Markings

105 x 617 DM30
LOS EMZ-3-26

Primer Markings (OUTTER RING)

DM82 LOS PRB - 1 - 45

Primer Markings (Inner Circle)

DM 1068 LOS PRB - 5 -5


Jason, what makes you think it is Dutch?

I always thought that EMZ was a Dutch designation?


Ah, got it. The case and primer are from Belgium (PRB) and seem not to belong to the projectile then and should be for a German contract.
The other markings on the projectile look very British to me (here then likely the customer).

[quote=“APFSDS”]I always thought that EMZ was a Dutch designation?


EMZ = EuroMetaal Zaandam

and is Dutch



[quote]Brass Case Markings 105 x 617 DM30 LOS EMZ-3-26[/quote], if this is the case marking than the case is also Dutch, only the primer is Belgian.


I need glasses it seems - I stumbled over the hs and the primer markings.
I was not questioning EMZ as not being Dutch though.

So, can anyone confirm that this projectile, case, primer are the correct match. I’d like to section this round but only if all the inert components are correct. :-)

PS: Thanks everyone SO MUCH for all the information and help.

I doubt the Dutch made cases of British design for the Brits with German designations on them.
It looks much like the case was made for a German contract.

I worked there as a military quality control when they produced the over there. The case is Dutch and is the standard case for 105 mm cartridges and yes with german markings, the projectile came in components and was completly assembeld by eurometaal, I Cant confirme if the case belongs to the projectile.

Thank you very much, Toets! Now at least I know the story even if they may not be a match. I will hold off sectioning the round until I can confirm 100% all three components, projectile, case and primer are a match. I hope they are as I’d love to section the case. Thank you very much for your first hand knowledge. VERY COOL to have someone connected to the manufacturing of this round respond to help me.


Sorry it took some time, the case is’nt for this projectile. Cant find out wich case is the corrct one only tah it uses the primer L20A1.

Thank you SO MUCH, Toets! Really bummed that I do not have the correct case or primer as I doubt that I will ever find the correct match on this side of the pond. Very grateful for all of you time and help researching this for me.



TOETS! You were 100% correct, not that I ever doubted you for a second :-) A friend overseas has this same projectile crimped in its case. The case is definitely not the one that I have sent to me with this projectile and the primer is exactly as you stated, L20A1. I will post a head-stamp photo shortly.

PS: Thank you for your time and help, Toets.

Photos of the correct head-stamp and primer configuration for this projectile sent to me by a good friend overseas who has the same projectile complete, crimped into case.

PS: If any one knows where I can get this case, I’d be SUPER GRATEFUL :-)