Interesting Flobert Headstamp?


I picked up a box of these:

But you notice, the headstamp:

is not typical of these boxes (from

or of other headstamps of this manufacture I could find in Vic Engel’s metric rimfire headstamp guide:

Would you say it is a different official variation? A box misprint? Someone took a sharpie to it?
I do not want to open the box to view the actual cartridges since it is sealed.

Also, I would love to see what one of the cartridges in this box look like.

And does anyone know an approximate date?

Oh, and who is the manufacturer?


Hi Aaron.
I was wondering who made that headstamp. Now I can document the maker. Thanks. Yes, indeed it is correct. I have a 6mm ball round with that headstamp. The other headstamp is EH in a wreath. You find these in 6mm and 9mm. Some companies used a number of different headstamps. In the case of SFM, the number of headstamps that they used or made for people runs into the many dozens.
What’s the date on these? Sorry can’t answer that one with any accuracy. Perhaps JP could provide an appropriate time line for the company.

See you in St. Louis!



Also, are these shotshells? Plomb is lead, and it is no. 10, so I would assume that they are maybe 6mm shotshells with no. 10 lead shot?


Yes, as you say, they are shotshells: 6 mm flobert single shot

The blue box must be older than the yellow one because of the “made in”

I have still not studied trade marks for Flobert, therefore at the first glance I cant help you more