Interesting full box of Dominican .30-'06 today

This is probably nothing that unusual, but I ran across a full box of Dominican Republic .30-'06 FMJ military ammunition this morning. Typical 20 round military-type cardboard box, label is - GOB. REP. DOMINICANA / CALIBER .30 M/2 (sic) / (1947-48) Followed by Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Division of Olin Industries, etc. Headstamps were WRA 30-06 SPRG. It’s obvious what it is, but how unusual is it? I do not remember seeing such a box before. I suppose the Dominicans must have used some '03 Springfields or M1s at the time.

I have an empty box but I don’t know how rare they are in the US.
Now and then they will show up on GUNBROKER for not too much money

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