Interesting Geco 9mm Mauserautopistol box from 1933


Note that I have corrected the title of this thread. As I was working the article, I used an early attempt to sort out the Geco date codes, and not the final ones. A problem with not deleting earlier attempts to understand the codes.

The code “NG” is not 1935, but 1933.

Sorry for the confusion.



Fede - “SEAM” appears to be an acronym. It would be nice to know what
it stands for. Did I miss that in one of these entries? Do you know what it
stands for (that is probably worthy of the "dumb question of the year award,"
knowing you!)? :-)

John M.


S.E.A.M. (Sociedad Espanol de Armas y Munitiones)



Hi John,

SEAM stands for “Sociedad Española de Armas y Municiones, S.A.”. You can find more information in this thread: Information request on SEAM

Now that you mention this company, I think that you may be interested in this “Diana” box (SEAM’s trademark) in 9 mm Bergmann-Bayard (Largo). It looks like made by Pirotecnia de Sevilla, but its contents are unknown to me.





Fede - Thank you for your answer. Exactly why on retrospect,
when I asked if you knew what it meant, I figured asking if you
knew about it was probably the dumbest question ever asked
on this Forum.

Muchisimas gracias, amigo mio.


John M just asked a great question about the tax stamp on the 9mm Mauser box. Is this stamp applied when it is imported into Spain or when it is Exported out of Spain?

Anybody know the answer???



Lew, a little too late for your article, but I finally found an example of the Unceta 7.63 mm box:




Great Fede! Many thanks…

Is there a two digit date stamp on it somewhere???



Lew, no, box is not date coded.