Interesting German 6.35mm Browning box


I have the 6.35mmB box pictured below. The code inside the flap indicate it was packed in 1943, probably late 1943.

I am trying to figure out the production of this box.

If you have this box, please let me know the code stamped inside the end flap and the headstamp of the cartridge inside.





My identical box has the code XU stamped on the bottom
inside flap. The cartridges are headstamped * G.S.F. * 6.35,
have the “O”-marked Sinoxid primer, with dark red PA & CMS,
and are loaded with a brass-jacketed, non-magnetic, FMJ RN
bullet. One side of the box is marked "Ganzmantel-Geschoss,
Rauchloses Pulver. The opposite original side of the box is
covered over with plain paper, so can’t tell what, if anything,
was printed on that side.

John Moss


I have 4 boxes that match the one in your post.
One in 7.65 and three in 6.35.
from left to right.
7.65 - SX stamp. no code on flap. contents unknown
Middle two 6.35 boxes. Identical. OX stamp. 328 IV ap 9285 0/0464 on flap
The cartridges are headstamped * G.S.F. * 6.35,
have the “O”-marked Sinoxid primer, with dark red PA & CMS,
and are loaded with a brass-jacketed, non-magnetic, FMJ RN
6.35 box on right. HX stamp. no code on flap. contents same as other 6.35 boxes. This box is slightly smaller both in length and height than the middle two 6.35 boxes and has different font on box sides.
SFM GSF boxesSFM GSF boxes aSFM GSF boxes bSFM GSF boxes cSFM GSF boxes d


I have an identical box as John with a different code.

DSC_0003 (2)


Great info, Thanks!

I think the codes are XH, XO and XS. The first letter of the Geco code is the year and if H, O and S were the years production of this box would have been over quite a few years, none of which are years when Geco had anything to do with SFM. In addition, my box has an XR code which can’t be read RX.

The 7.65 box is a great item.I wonder if there is a 7.65mmB cartridge out there somewhere with a G.S.F headstamp?



Does anyone know what the following means that Bob showed above. I have been looking at it and don’t have a clue!




It was pointed out to me that this marking not only occurs on the XO dated boxes. but on the XR dated box that I have (I am away from my collection as i write this). Bob R also points out that his XH box does not have this marking. If I understand Bobs posting, it looks like the side marking on the XH box are slightly different with the powder designation in larger letters and the top line not in bold print.This likely indicates a second printing of these boxes.

This is important because it may help us sort out the month codes for Geco. We think we know all or most of the letters used for the months, but not the months they apply to. Four of the letters spell GECO and we suspect these are the first four months (Jan-Apr). if this assumption is correct then the XO boxes are from April 43.

If we assume that the four documented months of production are sequential, than the XR, XU and XH codes would represent one of the months of May through July. The XR box has the same 0/0464 marking as Bob’s XO boxes so it may be from May 43. John M gave a detail description of his box and didn’t mention the 0/0464 marking on the tab so that means his XU box and the XH boxes would be from June and July. This information could get us about half way through the Geco month codes.

If anyone has anything further on these boxes and cartridges, please add to this thread.



box label comparisionsGSF box label comparision cGSF box label comparisionGSF box label comparision eGSF box label comparision bGSF box label comparision fGSF box label comparision aGSF box label comparision d


An explanation of the differences in the 7 boxes to
the right, from each other, would be good to have in
addition to the photo.

John moss


To me it looks like the box on the right is the same in all photos. I assume for easier comparison with those on the left.

An interesting feature of the box on the right is what looks like a circular “m/m” label, pasted over the original to the right of “6,35”. Such a patch is not visible on the boxes shown in earlier messages in this thread. Maybe to correct a printing error?


The box on the right is the same in every photo.
The little circle around the m/m is a paper punch hole in plastic wrap i use on boxes.
I wanted to show 6.35 Geco and SFM boxes along side the GSF box for comparison.


Bob - Thanks for the clarification. My misinterpretation of the
photos. I should wear my reading glasses all the time when
looking at the forum. I initially saw that as all one picture! Now,
with my reading glasses on, I can clearly see are separate
pictures. Sorry about that.

Nice collection of Geco boxes!!! :-)


Are there date codes on the back of the Geco boxes or perhaps inside the end flap?



Not much info but here is what i have
Geco boxes
1 & 5 Platz D.R.M.G. on end flap
2. Oeldicht ( i have 3 of identical boxes. 51, S8, 8TN2 are the 3 box codes)
3. 2 piece box - no code
4. overlabel D.R.M.G. on end flap