Interesting German 7.92 label


Check out these three boxes from “ak” (formerly a Sellier & Beloit plant). Notice that the 1943 dated box has no maker identification at all. Of course, the rounds inside are all standard “ak St+ 5 44” SmE. The label also has the standard “T.N.” code seen on “ak” boxes.

I can’t imagine why, at this point in the war, they would omit the factory code from the label. It certainly appears deliberate as it was removed from all the components as well.

Anyone out there have any thoughts?


I have wondered about the reason for this label myself. So far, it is the only ak lot number I’ve seen printed like that. The box I have has ak St+ 25 43 for headstamps. There is also an ak 15. L. 43 (picture is from that is printed in the normal manner with St+ 24 43 for headstamps.

Usually when any component was changed from the previous label a new T.N. 4635-xxx number was assigned but this one jumps from -161 to -190 which would indicate it is a latter loading than the normal label. I don’t have any labels with numbers that fall in between -161 and -190. Another mystery!!


There are also blank 33 boxes known.



Dutch – I was too hasty when I said the SmE label was the only one I had seen like that. I overlooked the blank labels.
I have pictures of 2 (4630-011 and 4630-013) both of which I think you sent me.
The blank labels are not as sterile as the SmE label though.