Interesting historical factoid

Watching CBS News Sunday Morning today, one of their brief skits was about the very first X-Ray. On this date in 1896, the world’s first X-Ray image on film was taken of a group of common objects. They included a straight pin, a magnifying glass, two rings, a finger from a cadaver and two cartridges. Exact identification is impossible, but the two cartridges looked like .38 S&W.

I bet they were 7.62x39

He said they were common objects. Probably 9mm Para. What could be more common than that. ;-)

No, they were clearly rimmed. The plate was taken by three students at Davidson College in North Carolina.


Note my winking eye. Vlad is being a little more subtle.


Could it be the discoverer of X-rays, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, took the first x-ray image (the hand of his wife) in November 1895? But, of course, if CBS says otherwise…

Here it the segment. See it for yourself: … can-x-ray/


The article says The first American X-ray… ;)

Hr. Röntgen lived in München…