Interesting Igman 30-06 (M2 Ball) crate


Would be nice to have seen what was once inside.



Hi Joe,

This is an Igman contract for Venezuela and cartridges are headstamped IK-85 7.62 MM.





Thank you.

Like this non magnetic single in my collection I assume?



Yes, that’s the one. Below you can see the 15 round box:

62 MM) - 2

There are two orthographic errors in these boxes: “Pezo” should be “Peso” (Weight) and “Cartushos” should be “Cartuchos” (Cartridges).


Joe and Fede, thanks a lot for the images!

Sounds like somebody whos only foreign langauge is English and then tried to write Spanish with this limited language knowledge…
And for the lot number they still kept the Serbian term.

A very typical thing often seen amongst eastern European manufacturers.
Often they are also using “internet translation quality”. Embarassing in my view.
Same goes for catalogs and exhibits.



Thanks again.

I have this full box below I discovered and it hast the same rounds in it as the one I pictured earlier. Funny how the Igman crate does not give a lot number.




By the spelling on this box, who would this possibly been destined for?



Joe, the Venezuelan contract cartridges from 1985 also came in a smaller crate with the lot number clearly indicated. I don’t know which crate model came first.

Regarding French language boxes, I don’t know for whom these were made. You can also find French language military style boxes by PPU in 7.5x54 and by bxn in 7.62x45, for example, but I don’t know the addressee of any of them.




I would imagine between PPU and Igman they contracted for many. Similar to the multitude of contracts FN has had over the years.



What’s interesting of PPU French language boxes in 7.5 and 7.9 mm is that they also date from 1978-79. Same customer maybe?