Interesting Inert Items To Trade For Inert TANK FIRED APFSDS

I have some interesting items (ALL 100% INERT) available to trade for “Tank Fired APFSDS or APDS” specimens that I do not have represented in my collection. Also interested in an Israeli IMI 60MM APFSDS-T inert round.


I was told that the two WW2 Japanese Fuzes are a matching set (Nose & Tail) belonging to a Navy Bomb

EXPERIMENTAL 40MM APDS-T made by PATEC (sectioned projectile - one sabot petal removed)

One of my all time favorite APFSDS-T rounds! Super unusual design, like no other that I have seen. Very special and cool.

British 30MM AFV APDS-T Sectioned Round

Experimental 35MM APDS-T round made by PATEC with sectioned projectile

Swiss 25MM Sectioned APDS-T with long case and neat internal sabot petal design

SUPER SWEET almost mint Dutch 120MM Training Mortar with simulated booster charges (Large & Heavy)