Interesting (Kybher Pass?) vid ammo manufacturing

Looks like indigenous battlefield pick up 5.56 brass being re purposed into 7.62x25mm .

If this is a repost I’m sorry. I find it very interesting.

Any one here want to chime in??

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I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on at each station, but in the second room, it looked like they were filling cases with powder by lining them up in a tray. Then the powder is poured on the tray and spread so as to fill all the cases completely full! WOW

No eye protection to be seen anywhere near the lathe operators!

Anybody know what the headstamp is on this stuff? I want one for my collection and want to make sure that I avoid the rest of it!


What, No OSHA!!!

Obviously several steps above a purely “Khyber Pass” operation…There is a logical layout for “Production Line” manufacture; proper machines have been installed to do the Basic reforming etc work, and the workers are highly skilled at each job. With a better shed to work in, they could probably double production ( and with a bit of Housekeeping as well.)

As to the “Full case-compressed load” system, this is a hold-over from the days they used Chopped-up Nitrate Film (Movie film) as “Powder”) yes, old style ( silent and early Talkies) Nitrate stock…that’s why they caught fire regularly, and also why they deteriorate over a long time)…they probably use a Modern Powder ( slow) which requires close to full case loads…and for 7,62x235, that’s SMG stuff…the hotter the better.!!

Their next step is to get fully automatic machinery, with Less Handwork…I especially like the “Black Rock” Type vertical case trimmer (drill press) for the final trim of the Necked cases… Obviously the first “Cut off” to produce the straight case ( around 30mm) is not “close enough” to allow for case Brass flow during forming… Note, No annealing either …no real need for it as this is for SMG ammo…(.re)use once, and throw away…

and the case priming operation…look as those fingers go… an even the Boys (2) doing the Neck crimp operation…

Yes, overall, who-ever set up this operation had Professional ammo manufacturing training…and obviously the Investment to supply the (Basic) Machinery

and on top of it all, the Good Muslim Workers (Note the number of skullcaps) are “happy in their work”…and note, NO women workers either ( characteristic) although Women would work more cleanly, and be faster than the men ( we found that out in both WW I and WWII in ammo factories.)

Now I know why I regularly get calls (Email) for supplies of “scrap” brass cases in .223/5,56 and other calibres from Pakistan and areas surrounding…,Sadly,I reply that their country is on our “No Military Goods” Black List, so No sale.

AS to Worker safety, these guys have a Lesser rate of Injury than their Western colleagues…they concentrate on their work…it’s all a matter of Mind set…

Doc AV
If I had even Half their equipment, I could triple my Production of Movie Blanks…but on the other hand, they obviously need a Couple of Dillon Super 1050 Progressive loaders…

Thanks for the instructive Video.