Interesting large caliber fuze


I have always found fuze designs and technology fascinating and have purchased a few INERT ones here and their over time. I have no clue what this went to or who made it, but the way it works is pretty interesting.

It is engraved L81 A1 10 DX-6 0 and looks to be calibrated 0 - 60 which I am assuming is seconds? Internally it seems to use 4 ball bearings that travel against a grooved inner cog thing and a matching grooved channel running against the fuze body wall. Hope that made some sense. If not, hopefully the pics may.


It is a Swiss fuze made by S.A. DIXI in La Roche for the UK.


Thanks SO MUCH EOD! I had a feeling you were going to ID it for me! Really appreciate the great diagram also. Fuze’s can be a fascinating specialty to collect. Some of their designs are so complicated and highly engineered. I have decided to put this one up on auction to raise $ for future APFSDS rounds that may pop up. I only have a few artillery fuzes and figured I would try to specialize a little :-) Really appreciate you ID’ing this. Been driving me crazy for years.



It is amazing that these delicate mechanisms can survive the shock and acceleration of firing. I have recently been introduced to fuses by buying two from a junk sale, which may well lead to acquiring a few more in the future.


Fuzes are awesome and the diversity is extream! Check out CSAEOD’s thread on Japanese Ammunition. Thier are some good pics of Japanese artillery, bomb & mortar fuzes thier, which in my opinion are the most spectacular, just like thier torpedo gyro designs.