Interesting primer system


Turn a percussion cap into a Boxer primer?


Why such an elaborate effort?


Very nice tins, thanks for sharing.

Here is another odd one, these anvils were made for reloading Kynoch brass cases. They came in short and long format (this is the long). The “stem” at the bottom of the anvil was made to go through the hole in the base of the Cap Cup to make replacement on reloading easier!! The cases were stated as being “Warranted to reload 100 Times and not miss fire or split at the rim”
Kynoch Anvils 500 Tin Inside View 2


Interesting. I too have a set of caps and anvils like this, but hadn’t quite thought of it in this way before.

As you said, perhaps this was so as a simple percussion cap can be converted to a Boxer-style primer so as you can use the caps as per their intended use, or convert them to cartridge primers.

I imagine this would be easier for the manufacturer, to be able to just produce caps and then the consumer can add the anvil later if they desire.


Great idea!


Those anvils and primers seem like the standard primers/anvils used in Eley paper shot shells of the 1950s.