Interesting Remington box/lot number


Last visit to the range netted a Remington green/yellow box of 32 Auto catalog number R32AP. Box had the DuPont oval, styrofoam tray, Bridgeport address with zip code, and lot numbers LF19D (marked over with black felt tip), LF02P (also marked over with black felt tip), and LF20P. A lot number of F20P on such a box should equate to the last half of 1975, but what is the leading L for – Lonoke? Perhaps to differentiate an older Bridgeport address box from the production at the new factory in Lonoke?


Found another L-prefix lot number Remington box. This one a green with red banner, Bridgeport address without zip code, 380 Auto (Index 1238) lot number LT22T, which should put it in the first half of 1970. The R-P headstamped rounds it contained had the long dash between R and P.