Interesting shotshell from Eritrea

I show a shotshell from Eritrea.
And two others.
Where comes the chap ayam from?
Amy background on these is welcome.

Regards René

Hi Rene,

I am not sure if this is any help but the cartridge is a copy of the Jas Watson case (which was a Cooppal made case), obviously with different printing but the content basically the same. The cap points to it being a newer cartridge than the Watson.

The graphics vary from batch to batch, could not see the exact copy of yours but I know I have seen it.


Hi Mike,
Indeed they have been made by cooppal.
But I cannot find the meaning aaofnd whereabouts of chap ayam.
Below are some pictures of the different ones.

Hi René, very nice shotshells! Thanks for sharing.

I don’t know who was the owner of the “Chap Ayam” trademark, but in Malay or Indonesian it means “Chicken Brand” or “Rooster Brand”.



Hi Fede,
Thanks, that was the same direction I was looking.
These kind of shotshells I like most.
Not the most common countries and connections which we do not always think of.

Regards René

I’m inclined to think that Chap Ayam is actually Malaysian. As in Indonesian the Ayam is chicken, but I’m not aware of the word Chap in that language.

Will stick to Malaysian for now.
Wished I had acces to drawings of Belgian manufacturers like cooppal, FN, PRB
They have made many, many shotshells for export to many countries.
Regards René

just asked a guy in my team who is from Indonesia. when I showed him the picture and asked him what it means he said : chicken brand.
He also said that chap is a kind of old fashioned way of writing, they would use CAP nowadays.
he also said chap (nowadays CAP) is more a kind of branding/rubber stamping

Hi René,
Okay, we are back to zero again. ;-)
Guess I need to find drawings of them to be sure.

Many Regards.


I stand corrected.! I didn’t realize that Chap was now Cap. In Indonesian it would be the old way of saying “Chicken Brand” as your friend confirmed.
Have just spent some time in both countries and although Bahasa (Language) Indonesia and Bahasa Malaya are very similar there are many words which are different but one can get by with the basics to the amusement of the locals.