Interesting "Special Purpose" Cartridge


Can you guess what it is? Follow the clues and play along:


There is a couple of projectile variations around. I think they had to play round with the shape, weight, and material for a bit to get it right.
Craig is a member of the NZCCC, he gets flown round the country with his “toy” to attend whale strandings where rescues are not going well.
Whale strandings in New Zealand are not uncommon as the whale population seem to like the cold Antarctic currents that surround the country.
Craigs gun is definitely not used for conducting “scientific study” on the whale population like some countries round the world still do.


So it is a 14.5x114mm KPV cartridge case with a specially designed projectile? Who is making these and where are the cases coming from? Look like Soviet, lacquered steel to me. Surplus or new production? What is the rifle being used? PTRS? PTRD?



I love special purpose rounds (but this is a tad bigger than my fascination allows)…but found the cat and mouse game on the original link frustrating.

So…? is this a whale euthanizing round ?

or have I missed the proverbial boat ?