Interesting stuff for sale at militaria show in UK

Here are some photos of some stuff I saw for sale today at a Militaria show in the UK. It is called the War and Peace show, although peace has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is held around the same time every summer at the Hop Farm country park in Kent. There is militaria of all kinds for sale there, plus displays of vehicles, re-enactment grounps with realistic looking dugouts etc. set up, and re-enectment displays in a central arena using pyrotechnics and blank ammo.

To keep this thread ammunition related, I bought some British WW1 4.5" Howitzer cases and a 1.1" USN case.

Mauser “T-Gewehr” AT rifle, which is fully capable of firing. In the UK the 13mm TuF round is liasted as an “obsolete calibre” and the guns not subject to any licensing, although live rounds in the calibre are classed the same as any live rounds. If I had

Great show, I can see all the photos. I wish I were there.

I got the pictures OK.

Falcon, did you pick up anything if interest?

Considering how paranoid the UK firearms legislation is in general the relaxation of the law for obsolete calibres is a little ray of sunshine. However, the dealer prices always seem very steep for OC weapons.

Pic’s didn’t work for me the first time either… but now they are working fine.
I love the WW1 German Navy 30.5!!!


lol, I know where that 30.5 came from :)

Yes it’s a Dutch guy!!

take a look at his website

Harry, close but no cigar.

Ben sold it, but he didn’t supply it ;)

Vlim was it Johnny?


Great website! Thanks guys!


The 30.5 came from my brother’s collection.

Vlim:Maar met Ben zat ik wel goed …


Had a few doubles and 3 30,5 cm cases is enough for me, that’s why this one could go. Still one of the nicest german naval cases to find. (besides 38 and 40,6 cm)

Now those I would like to see.