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I was pouring over all 68 pages of listings for the ammunition category on the German ammo auction website, and although it’s basically impossible for buyers in the U.S. to get anything from the site, I found some interesting listings of things that we don’t normally see in the states. About half of all the ammo listings were either blanks or decorative dummy cartridges (dekkopatrone), but of the listed live ammo, these were interesting:

84x245 (DM 1001A2):

Labeled as a panzerfaust practice cartridge:

I haven’t heard of, or seen these blanks or this brand before in 12ga:

“Leader” 9mm? reloads on commercial brass?

There were a lot of these listings for 15mm “flares” / fireworks which we never see in the U.S.:

A fired .223 FX cartridge case:

Some .50BMG that I am not familiar with:

A 27x145 (dm1001) rd for the Tornado attack jet:

Some 5.6x51se vom hofe:

9mm knall pepper gas “pfefferpatronen”:

A Yugoslavian practice claymore:


The one labeled as “panzerfaust practice cartridge” is a 18 x 96 mm Übungspatrone DM28 practice round.


Matt, I think that the Leader brand 9MM should be stamped with “LE” for Leader. Brass possibly made by Fiocchi?


I am both tired and ignorant; I will bite and say “why can’t you buy/get items” (presumed meaning you can’t “receive” because of restrictive shipping regulations on both ends ?)…but you could “buy” if a German/European collector were to assist in the transport…yes ???


Here we have 15 mm paper rockets that can be purchased if you are at least 18 years old.
Blank pistols with open barrells can be bought with a gun license to fire these rockets. They are launched using standard 6 mm , 8 mm or 9 mm Blank ammo.

The rockets in the pictures seems to have a cap containing the “color” powder. My rockets are only fullfilled with black powder.
They are noise blanks used in the filelds by farmers to scare birds

The Vom Hofe box is interesting.It is a pre-WWII DWM box. New 5.6 mm Vom Hofe ammo made for W. Gehmann still use the “paraboloid” bullet

“pepper” loaded 8 mm and 9 mm Knall cartridges are common in Austria and can be bought without any license. Austrian blank pistols have semi-open barrells that can fire these cartridges and launch rockets too. In Italy these blank pistols can be bought only with a license. Pepper loads are illegal here …


Pepper - as far as I have ever experienced, no seller in Europe is willing to ship live ammunition. Dummies or inerted rds maybe. Knowing a German / European collector who is capable of bringing things over with the proper paperwork helps, but that might work for just a few cartridges.


Matt we have that problem also when we are in the US…


If I win the lottery I will buy a yacht to steam back & forth across the Atlantic to exchange ammo. We can meet in international waters… :-)


Leader is a german wholesaler of sometimes Fiocchi made product. I have one damaged “9mm Luger Match” box though it is slightly older (says ‘made in the E.C.’).
The SK (Lapua germany) Horrido 12 ga blanks are used by our local airport bird control guys.
The 15 mm fireworks ammo is fired in a special flare gun-like device.
Sportwaffen-Munition (the .50 BMG) have been in the market for repacked surplus for some years now. All fairly good quality, but buyer beware, it is surplus…


Leon - I will try this again. I posted this earlier, but I look at this thread now, and my answer to you is not there. Maybe I said something wrong, although I don’t think so.

Judging from one of the symbols on the Leader 9 mm box, a shield-like insignia incorporation the letter “M” in the design, I believe this ammunition was made in Hungary for Leader. Perhaps someone better versed in this can either confirm that or correct me.


John may have a point with the contents of the 9 mm box shown above. My (older) box have a CIP shield and what is giving the game away completely: A genuine Fiocchi lot number stamp on the inside end flap.


Collecting live ammo doesn’t interest me much any longer. FAR TOO MUCH TROUBLE especially internationally and inert components are getting as bad.