Interesting Subcaliber Adaptor

Another bit of" junk" I found in the storeroom today. This is an adapter which I believe was made at unit level during Vietnam by units operating the RF-4C reconnaissance aircraft. This one came out of Udorn RTAFB in Thailand where both the 11th and 14th Tactical Recon Squadrons operated in the late 1960s and early 70s. The basic aluminum case is that of the Photo Flash Flares that the RF-4s used for night recon. The rear fuselage had two racks, one on each side behind the cockpit and wing. The cover opened and flares would alternately be launched from each rack (I would guess about 24 flares per rack). They went off with a huge flash of light and a very loud BANG. When a pilot finished his last mission of his tour he would buzz the runway and fire off 8 or 10 and creating quite a show. This Flare case has been converted into a subcaliber adapter to fire a chaff cartridge. These aircraft were flying into some high threat areas with both SA-2 missiles and radar controlled guns. The pilots believed (or at least some did) that this long chaff trail gave them worthwhile protection.

The flare case is about 210mm long and has an internal sleeve to align the front of the chaff cartridge