Interesting UMC 1900 7x57


A friend got a “new” FN49 rifle and asked me if I had any 7mm Mauser ammo he could shoot. I told him all I had was a bunch (60 rounds) of old UMC 1900 rounds. He took them figuring that at least he got 60 bullets for reloading. I kind of assumed they would be Boxer so that he might be able to reload a few cases also.
Well, today he told me they shot really well, and they were about half-and-half Boxer and Berdan! I was very surprised by both bits of news.


Is there any special significance of the “1900” in the headstamp?
Is it just the year of production?


Pretty sure it’s just the year.


Is it not possible these 7m/m cartridges were a mixed lot and that the Berdan-primed rounds were in fact not UMC? Jack


No, all identical brothers and sisters.


Well, that’s interesting. If I have a spare of that headstamp I would be tempted to pull the bullet & have a look. Thanks, Jack


Well, I have 9 more in my dupes, but I don’t know how to tell which might be Berdan and which Boxer!