Interesting W-port Finds and Ques?

I came away from the recent Williamsport show with a few new rounds, and of course a few new questions.

L to R: 6.5x54R dummy with an early headstamp and 4(!) overstamps, Italian GMCS 7.92x57 with an all red base (Tracer?), and an early German 7.92 M88 with a GM-RNSP bullet and a knurl on the lower case (original loading?).

L to R: A fired .276 Pedersen case with what might be a damaged(?) Greenwood & Batley headstamp, and an unidentified 9x23 with an obviously incorrect headstamp that I think might have been made in China or Darra, Pakistan.

Any thoughts or comments welcomed.

The overstamps on the 6,5x54R are Dutch. The round was originaly bought by the Netherlands.

Thank you.

And to clarify, the headstamp on the 9x23 is G.C.D. 32 S&W.L.

your first dummy saw a lot of action.
A few notes to that one:

  1. the caliber is 6,5x53R and not 6,5x54R
  2. circle = case was reloaded for Ball No 1 cartridge ( normal Ball cartridge)
  3. two X X = twice reloaded as Ball No 7 cartridge ( = short range cartridge)
  4. one dot = reloaded as Blank cartridge
    and then it ended up as dummy


Hi Rene,
Thanks for all the detailed info. I don’t see a dot stamp, just the O, 3 X’s, and 3 primer stakes. The official Dutch terminology might be “53”, but I have more often seen the cartridge listed as 6.5x54R. It doesn’t really matter, they are the same thing;)

I guess I thought the stake crimp just above the line at 4 O’ clock was a “reloading” dot.
The dutch normally never use stake crimps with this caliber.
I didn’t notice the other X.

The M88 started live as a M88 round
3 month 1892 made by Inglostadt after that , they used the case for making
a blank ( Platzpatrone) recognizable on knurl.
The cartridges now is not a factory load probably use for hunting proposes.


The Greenwood & Batley headstamp on the ,276 looks typical to me.

Italian post war 7.92 mm tracers are ID by a red annulus around the primer and a red tip

I don’t think it is a tracer… could it be a proof load?