Interesting W.R.A.Co. .30 Krag Box

Hi, All…

Recently acquired for the collection; thought I would share…in case the headstamp appears too small, it is W.R.A.CO. 29


Great box, thanks.

Has the case been tinned?

Make sure you click on the drawing/photo above. You can then click on through dozens of other items to see some really amazing cartridges.


Plain brass case…

The only W.R.A.CO. Krag blank I am aware of that is tinned case is W.R.A.Co. 5 17…Still looking for the box for those…



Great carton!

There seem to be quite a few Cal 30 cartridges from the late 1920s and early 1930s. Were there still enough Krag rifles and carbines in service at that time to warrant the government manufacture of all that ammunition?



Thanks for the compliment…I was unaware that clicking on a picture posted here from Photobucket would lead the viewer to all the other pictures posted there…!!


Yes, there is quite a bit of Krag ammunition, made by several manufacturers, that is “pseudo-military”, dating from the 20’s and 30’s, most likely for National Guard use, or for outfits like the American Legion, for funerals, etc.


Another interesting box…

Frankford Arsenal loaded these, using Winchester cases from 1931 and 1932, in December, 1943. WHY???, when there were millions of these on hand, and they can still be found today in great numbers.


All the more reason to be careful of what you have in your Photobucket album. Like porn or National secrets. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I tend to keep my photos in a file on my hard drive and use TinyPic to post on the different forums. TinyPic does not keep photos in an album, AFAIK.

I like that second carton even more. Maybe cartridges loaded during WW2 were for civilian use by farmers, etc??



I probably should have noted that these are blanks, M3 type, no bullet…

Remington, in 1937, made some three million of these, many of which are still around, by the box-full.

No porn of national secrets on my Photobucket…just bullets…



Nice items! I find the late use of the .30 Army ammunition (blanks, sub-caliber, etc.) interesting. Thank you for sharing.

Regarding your Photobucket album’s access by others, you can change your “privacy setting” so that only that one picture will show up when opened. Even so, my album is limited to images I have shared on this Forum.

Also, for those who haven’t noticed, any images you post on this Forum get picked up by “bots” and will show up in searches on Google, etc. for associated words/topics. Within a day or two, searching for “.30 Krag Box” on Google and going to “Images” will likely bring you right to these nice pictures! These images remain in cyberland even if you delete them from your Photobucket account.

Bottom line is: What gets posted here is not limited to the Forum community and what goes on the internet stays on the internet.


The label that might also be under your W.R.A.Co. Dec. 1943 box. Use the photo if you wish.
Having that 5-17 date in my singles, I just wondered.

Yes, Pete…

The Winchester cases were supplied to FA in boxes with their typical 1930 tan label…all I have seen are like this…this is mentioned in my book on Caliber .30 U. S. Army Cartridges by Frankford Arsenal…I neglected to mention it here when I first posted the box…


guess, since I bought the book & should read it? Is that what your saying?

Well your right.


Actually, I hadn’t really thought about it that way, just remembered as I was typing the post, that, A: I should have mentioned that the cases were shipped in boxes with Winchester labels, and B: That jogged my memory that I had mentioned it in the book…


I understand Randy I really should read the book, & not just skim it.