Interesting western 35 newton brass

Hi all,
I was fortunate enough to score several hundred western 35 newton cases, all are fired brass, but i’ll take em… lol
however, 1 box of 20 has these interesting “tubes” inside the cases… Anyone have any idea why these are like this?

The tubes screw into the primer pocket, then the primer is seated normally. The tubes measure 1 1/2 inches long. I would assume it would be to start the powder burning top first, but what advantage would that be? I see this on large artillery shells, but not on such a relatively small case.
Any thoughts?

Frontal ignition, OKH?

Some info here:

The idea was to get better burn.
Normally the primer pushes powder into the barrel and it burns whereever it is.
With the tube and front ignition the powder stays in the case.
Less barrel erosion from powder kernals.

There might be some merit to the idea but not enough for reloaders to go through the hassle.

Very cool, figured it was some special idea, but the link and explanation sure clears that up.
I can see why it didnt go over very well… you have to unscrew the tube and decap, clean, resize and recap, then try to line this little tube up and screw it back in place. it would be tedious for sure, but i guess no more than some benchrest shooters go through with their loads.