International Cartridge Co., Germany

Did The Eagle Metallic Cartridge Co., change into the International Cartridge Co.?
And if so, when?


Ha-ha. My wife lived next to Chambers St. when we first met. They’d have a heart attack now if they had an ammo shop there.

I found an old post by Fede, on the Eagle Company. (May 2015).

The Eagle Metallic Cartridge Co. of Germany

"Hi Pete,

J. H. Lau & Co. was a large importer of firearms, ammunition and related equipment located at 75 Chambers St., New York, NY. It was established in 1875 and the original owner was Jacob Henry Lau, a native from Germany that arrived to The States in 1848. During many years they were notorious for being importers of Ballistite and later also of Empire smokeless powder.

The word “Eagle” was registered in 1883 by J. H. Lau of New York, NY as a trademark applied to dynamite and blasting caps.

This label design, but without mentioning caliber, load and agent, was registered by Braun & Bloem in 1906. It is the label variation that says “Rifle cartridges”, “The Eagle Metallic Cartridge Co. Germany” and illustrates a lead bullet loading.

The flying eagle enclosed in circle was registered by Braun & Bloem in 1908.

These “Eagle Metallic Cartridge Co.” boxes were later distributed by J. L. Galef, also from New York, NY, and also relabeled by Fred Biffar & Co. of Chicago Illinois.

I’m sure that there is a lot more to add but hope this helps.


And I found a .38 Special box on the net, without the “Rifle Cartridges” and the “(Made in Germany)”. Looks like I’m out of room on this post…Thanks,