Internet buying and selling boxes/cartridges

Hello all. I am relatively new to collecting ammunition and new to selling anything on the internet. I am interested in ammunition boxes for antique and vintage Winchester rifles.

I recently bought up a small collection of full ammunition boxes from an older gentleman I know. I wanted the Winchester rifle cartridges in his collection but these came along in the package deal. Some have condition issues: the .32 Remington has seven split necks and I believe five rounds that don’t belong in the box, the .25-36 Marlin has one split and one round with a flat-nose bullet. I have found asking prices for these as individual cartridges or full boxes in several places like gunbroker, etc.

My question is where or what might be a good option for trading or selling these? (this site included)

Update: Traded the ammo at a gun show and it turned out to be the best option for me. Thank you.

For selling these online, the most typical option would be either Gunbroker or Auctionarms. You could offer them for sale here in the IAA forum, but offers to sell or buy must occur in the buy/sell/trade folder and you must be a paid IAA member to post in that folder ($25 to $35 a year depending on journal option).

Welcome to the forum,

Thank you.