Internet Explorer 13

Will IE 13 still be supported after June?

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First, I don’t think this belongs in the ammo discussion forum.
IE 13? And supported by whom - Microsoft? In that case the train has left the station, the last stable release of IE (IE 11) is already in end of life with a stop on updates and work.
For all intents and purposes Edge has replaced IE.

And, anyway, there are many browsers that in most or all ways surpass IE/Edge. E.g. Chrome, Chromium Firefox, and Chromium Opera.

I’ve used Opera the last 10 years and don’t see any need to change, especially now that it runs their own Chromium brew that works absolutely fantastically with much lower RAM usage than Chrome and Firefox.


My apologies for the wrong forum. It was just that every time I open up this forum I get a banner saying support for IE is going to be discontinued.

Also thanks for your advice. Do have Chrome but haven’t found it any better than IE. Will have a look at Opera.