Interpretation needed - Greek to me

Help! M118 Match ammunition with foreign over-label and ammunition box stencil. What does it say? Any ideas of what it was used for? I don’t have one in my hands but I expect that the headstamp is LC 81 MATCH.

Not Greek, but Hebrew!
Box and can have the same info except for the last added line on the can:

460 Cartridges 7.62 M"M
Regular(ball)/For Snipers/M-118
Lot: (L.C. 132 - 003/81) *Odd that they used an incorrect letter to represent the “C”!
23 Card Boxes 20 Cartridges in Each

*It is odd that they used the letter Tzadik to represent the C in Lake City, as it has a TZ sound instead of an S sound. Most people would use the letter Sameh to transliterate the C.

To add: during my IDF service I saw M-14/21s and Galils that would have used this ammo.


I knew that you’d know. Thanks. Now I have to see if I can talk the guy out of a couple of boxes.