Interpretation of Headstamp ID for 7.65 Mauser


I have a 7.65mm Mauser with the headstamp as follows:

12 o’clock: FYA
3 o’clock: 29
6 o’clock: H.P.
9 o’clock: 19

I am interpreting this as a contract cartridge made by Hirtenberger Patronen of Austria for Argentina in the year 1929.

What does the “FYA” mean?

Thank you for any information.


“FYA” Stands for “Fuciles y Ametralladoras” Meaning “Rifles and Machine guns” in Spanish, meaning the cartridge could be used in both rifles and machine guns. I asked this on the old forum, as I have a round headstamped “FN FYA 29” that has been nickel plated and made into a pencil dummy.

Yes, this is a contract load by Hirtenberger Patronen, Austria.

The 'F y A" stands for Fusil y Ametralladora (Rifles and Machine gun)

Thanks for the information. It is very helpful as I try to record these into my log.

I have several of these rounds including ball, tracer, and observation.

I bought the observation round at SLICS in March. The guy who was selling it had labeled as an armor piercing round.

Good thing I came along to keep somebody from getting hurt. (LOL)

Thanks, again.