Interpretation of my french cartridge floor


this summer I bought me a defused french cartridge on the internet. (8 * 50 mm R Lebel)
And I couldn’t find any interpretation of its cartridge floor.
As you can see below it contains the numbers 6;7 and 2;7.
Furthermore there are the letters N;W and P;K.

I would be very happy if somebody can tell me the Meaning of those.

with best regards



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Good evening Paul, welcome to this Forum.
I’m not that Lebel-expert but can tell you the case was made in 1927. And 67 refers to the percentage of copper in the case. NW? Could it be NORBLIN in Warschau? If so, then PK is Pocisk Spolka Akcyjnia, probaby the metal-supplier. But let 's ask it to the experts…


This is probably 7.5x54mm ammo. May we have a side view?

Vlad, with this groove around the primer it should be a 8x50R and as the hs is indicating it is a Polish made one. And there we know the Poles never used 7.5x54.

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See: 8x50R Lebel - Polish production


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Thanks for your answers.