Intrepid RAS-12, 12ga all polymer shot shell

Intrepid RAS-12, 12ga all polymer shot shell, supposedly made by Remington for Intrepid … -new-loads–ras-12% … ition.html … 20236.aspx

I wonder if this ammo is reloadable in any way…

Impact Guns is now showing this ammo as in-stock. I’m not sure if the AR uppers are available yet

I ordered a couple boxes - sort of expensive though.

I received some of these intrepid RAS-12 shells today. The package from Impact Guns was actually drop-shipped from Accusport, so they are the distributor (no surprise). The plastic dome is a sabot of sorts, holding a payload of 11 00-buck balls. These buck weighed in around 51.5gr each, for a total payload of around 570gr. The plastic sabot pulled out fairly easily with channel-lock pliers by twisting it around, and underneath the shot I can only see a brown colored fiber wad over the powder. There was no powder leakage within, and it all appears to be quality manufacturing.

An image of the box back, shell components, and headstamp: