Introducing the *new*

Hello everyone!

This is a long time coming but here it is!

Introducing the [color=#FF0000]Brand New[/color]!

Everything that was on the old site is now on the new site - just more modernized.

A couple additions have already been added, with many more on the way that will be announced here first.

Make sure to check out the new [color=#0000FF]Cartridges of the Month[/color] for April and May in the References section!

Also check out the site on your Smart Phone! (This mobile version is still a beta version, but still very usable!)

[color=#FF0000]Soon I will be calling upon some of you for some new Cartridges of the Month and some new “Introduction articles” on your favorite cartridges so be ready! Feel free to volunteer as well![/color]

Great job!!!
The site looks even more decent and reputable now.
I like the changing ammo image on the main page which is showing always other cartridges when you enter the page.

Love it! The new site’s easy to navigate and looks very professional. You’ve done a great job.


great job, well done !!
I really like the looks of it


I agree, it is a very nice, modern site that seems easy to navigate and certainly has some interesting links… enough said. I went to Facebook 1st this morning and that’s how I found out about the site! So the word is out.

Aaron has done a fantastic job with this project.

I know how much time and effort goes into making a site, and this is not something that was quick or easy. We all owe Aaron a huge THANK YOU for his great work!

While the immediate impact is the greatly improved look and feel of the new site compared to the old one, the greater benefit will be its compatibility with the new generations of smart phones and mobile devices which are how younger folks do stuff now.

I appreciate the support that many IAA members provided while I was webmaster for the old site, and hope that everyone will help provide content material to Aaron to keep things updated and fresh.


great job, Thanks!!


Congratulations to Aaron for a fantastic job extremely well done! The new site is beautiful and the increased access through social media and smart phone technology is a tremendous step forward.

At this time we should also take the opportunity to thank John Spangler for his years of work with the site. Because of John’s tireless dedication over the years, the IAA has enjoyed an attractive, professional web site with many great features - like this Forum - that we otherwise would not have had. Bravo Zulu (Navy-speak for attaboy) Captain Spangler.




[color=#FF0040]Really top-notch work![/color]

Thanks for doing it & thanks to John & Chris for their past endeavors.

Great Job and thank you…

best regards

Every website is a lot of work just to get it up and running the first time. After that, the maintenance and updates continue to take a lot of time, effort and artistry. As was said before, the new website looks fantastic, but also thanks to those who built and maintained all of the IAA web displays. The website, the forum and the magazine are great. Thanks to all of you for helping to share knowledge in such wonderful ways.

Great job, the new design is really easy to use

cheers for all the hard work

Outstanding job Aaron! Many thanks for taking on this huge project.

Thank you! Really great job!