Introduction and Greetings

Greetings to all. My name is Mike and I’ve been actively collecting cartridges for about 15 years.

I began by always holding back 3-5 rounds from each brand/type of ammo I tried out. Most of it was very common, and wound up being expended in practice sessions. However after trying to find additional quantities of certain ammunition, I realized the price and difficulty involved.

Since then, I’ve tried to pay more careful attention to the history behind the manufacturer and type of ammunition. I’ve been lucky enough to correspond with Lew, DK, Geer (sp?), Findlay at GEA and some others prior to finding this forum. I maintain a small collection of specialty police and military ammunition for display and testing, mostly handgun calibers since the 1960s (I teach classes at a local academy and work in the LE profession).

When IAA member Richard Geer passed, I was fortunate enough to meet with his wife at a show and spent the better part of 2 days trading and talking with her. I’m looking forward to learning and interacting here at the IAA forum.

WELCOME ABOARD! Nice to have another shooter lurkin’ around.


Welcome, you’ve come to a great international forum.

Hi Mike,
if you like,you can post a thread about yourself in the “meet the members” forum.

Welcome Mike

I think you will enjoy our group…ton’s of expertise out there…quick to find help on this very Forum

Have you joined the Association ? (a mere $25 for an e-membership)…the membership directory alone will open a whole world of likeminded collectors to you, dealers and not (and in your specific interest area)…after that…stop in at a show…you be hooked for life !

Glad Peggy Geer served as an IAA Ambassador…she has remained a fixture (as her late husband was) at the St Louis (used to be Chicago) annual show.

Welcome aboard

Pepper Burruss
IAA President

Welcome Mike!

Thanks gents.

Yes I did join back up…I did the membership several years ago and just now re-did it. Waitin’ for the packet. etc. to arrive at work (I did the old-fashioned paper version). I’m in a much better position to collect now than I was then.

Next time a show comes by near my neck of the woods (DFW TX area) I’ll be sure to come.

Oh no! Not another shooter. Shooters only destroy cartridges. :(

Only kidding Mike. From one shooter to another, howdy.

Your signature gives you away. Like me, you must be a student of the late, great Jeff Cooper. The non-shooters on the Forum are in Condition White and won’t know what we’re talking about, so let’s just keep them guessing.


Better Condition White than Condition Black Ray! (True, not a bonafide Cooper-ism but a useful ater addition to the scheme).

I take pride in ‘destroying cartridges’, and try to make it a weekly affair. I’m getting older, and my ‘customers’ seem to be getting younger and more violent, sad to say.

That said, I never shoot anything I don’t have a few examples of already on display or in storage. I also enjoy disassembling cartridges…doing sample powder burn rates, component sections/weights, etc. teach me a lot about the way the round was designed, and also yield some salient collection data (stamps on the base of bullets, etc.). I think a bullet-puller was the single thing that got me the furthest into both reloading anc cartridge collecting. $20 well spent.

Nice to see you here, mwinter.

What is this discussion about white,yellow and black conditions?


According to me,condition black must be when Chuck Norris is driving around with his pick up


Jeff Cooper’s color codes are not cartridge related and some could view them as political and controversial so I won’t even try to post them here. It would probably be quickly locked and then deleted.

Chuck Norris is usually at Condition Red or Black. ;) ;)

Check your e-mail.


Just wanted to say HEY and welcome you also, Mwinter. The degree of knowledge lurking here is off the charts. I have learned gobs here from so many as I am sure you will too.