Introduction dates of 7.62mm NATO and .308W

Could Ray or somebody else be kind enough to settle a minor disagreement for me please.

Ar what date did the United States military formally adopt the 7.62mm? Was it August 1954?

When did Winchester announce the .308 please? Was it 1952?

Many thanks

NATO announced that the T65E3 cartridge would be the common NATO cartridge in December 1953. The specifications were agreed in February 1954 and the T65E3 cartridge and FAT1E3 case formally adopted by NATO (including the US) in August 1954.
Winchester was given permission to use the FAT1E3 case commercially in early 1952 and introduced the cartridge to the civilian market as the .308 Winchester late that same year.


Many thanks, Dave. I was about right with my dates!


Winchester had been developing a commercial cartridge (.30-80 WCF) and a new rifle (Model 80) for it as early as 1948. When the rifle did not meet their expectations, they abandonded that idea and, in 1952, received permission to use the FAT1E3 case for the new cartridge that they re-named .308 Winchester. The cartridge was introduced to the public in October, 1952.

I have absolutely no evidence to support this, but my feeling is that the FAT1E3 case could have been the child of the .30-80 WCF rather than the other way around.


I have to ask - What would the “80” in ,30-80 have meant?

Model 80 rifle. See my post. And my JOURNAL aricle.