Introduction of Rem. Load Index Numbers

The first price list I have for Remington Arms showing Load Index numbers is 1936. I have the Retail catalogs for all years from 1927 forward. The Retail catalogs do not show the numbers in the 1930’s. Only the Price Lists for the 1930’s have the numbers. What is the earliest box or Price List do you have with a Load Number. I have seen a box from about 1925 with the number R331 for .45 Colt Black Powder Loads. I’m trying to establish when they first assigned Load Numbers to the Metallic cartridges.

U.M.C. had started to use Load Numbers for Factory Loaded shot shells at least by 1901. I have the 1890 U.M.C. catalog and no numbers are used. My next catalog is 1901 and they are in use at that time. Could anyone with any catalogs between 1890 and 1901 please check for an earler date. I would guess it would be about 1895.

Ron…Here is what I have in .30-40 Krag boxes. Judging by box style (Green Dogbone - Kleanbore), I dated these as being about 1927 - 28 to approx WW2:

R98 180 Grain Soft Point
R98XK 220 Grain Mushroom (Green Train Box)
(Interestingly, Green Train 220 Grain Metal Cased has no number)
R99 220 Grain Soft Point
R99H 180 Grain Hi-Speed Bronze Point

Now, at approx just before or just after WW2 (just a guess), we have the green boxes without Dogbone, with all red end flaps:

R101 180 Grain Hi-Speed Mushroom
R441 180 Grain Hi-Speed Soft Point Core-Lokt
R442 220 Grain Express Soft Point Core-Lokt

Now, after the war, late 40’s - early '50’s:

4330 220 Grain Mushroom
4630 220 Grain Express Soft Point Core-Lokt
4930 180 Grain Hi-Speed Soft Point Core-Lokt
9430 Paper Bullet Blank

I am sure there are a few I don’t have…but hope this helps…Randy

Randy–Thanks for the information. The introduction of “Kleanbore Priming” in 1926-27 would be a logical date for the complete overhaul of the catalogs and the addition of the “Load Index” codes.

For your information the number for the .30-40 Krag, Express, 220 gr. Metal Cased is R98XM.


Hi, Ron…Thanks for the info…I will add it to my list…The “Train” boxes…blue being first, introduced in 1925, according to my info, have no reference to Kleanbore priming, of course, and were very short lived. I believe you are correct, that catalog numbers began to appear on boxes about 1926-28, concurrent with the introduction of Kleanbore priming., but over a period of time. That is why the 220 Mushroom Green Train has a number and the 220 Metal Cased does not, but I’ll bet there are 220 Metal Cased boxes out there that do have the number. This load and box are very rare, indicating use for only a short time…Randy