I run a range for the Army National Guard in Idaho.
We provide urban training for ARNG, regular army, FBI, Swat teams, seals, DEA, and other federal agencies.
While out on this range, I frequently find old cartridges and casings. Many are 5.56, some 7.62 NATO,
And a handful of .50 Cal shells. I have started a collection that includes many dummy (blank) rounds,
tracers, and practice shells. Projectiles from tanks, and artillery are also common.
What should I be looking for? What would be of interest to this forum?

Welcome to our Forum. All U.S. Military ammunition has a large collector following, including on this Forum, or at least that is my own observation as a some-time participant on the Forum, and a 50+ year veteran cartirdge collector.

A big part of this forum is for education, so anything you have can help someone! And many times it is not a special item just general interest. vic

Doughmatic, We all seem to have a variety of interests, in different countries, in different calibers, in loads, in headstamps, and on and on. As a result, about anything you post will interest someone.

I have looked over the Federal Biz Ops at the requests for proposal for purchasing ammo, and all the organizations you mention have been out soliciting bids for small arms ammo so there is all kinds of different stuff out there, even just in my area of 9x19mm.

The members of the Forum would be interested in what you are finding by caliber, headstamp and by load if you know it.

Welcome to the Forum! Glad to have you aboard.