Can anybody help me with information about this shotshell ? For me it look’s German, but ???’


Does it have a head stamp? if so a picture please.



Hi Mike,

if you click at the lower right corner of the picture, you can see the whole picture with the headstamp also.



Hi Lars,

Nice case!
I have no idea.
The style looks like other German cases, but invincible doesn’t match.
For as far as I know all German cases use German language.
Like garantie, marke blitz, treff

Good luck with the search!


Thanks Lars,

I had missed that icon in the corner when I looked at it. There are various British companies that did an Invincible cartridge (also a couple of Irish firms) but none like that. It somehow doesn’t feel German to me but more like French or perhaps Belgium (JP might know better?). I have seen one like that before with the serrated edge on the brass head but that is all, don’t remember a name or maker, sorry.

I agree with Rene though, it is a very nice case, well done. It will be interesting to see if somebody turns it up.



never seen this kind of base among french cases
and no french trade mark with this name (if I didn’t miss it during my search !)

Perhaps beglian ??