Invisible tracer

Another answer to the problem of visible tracers is the INVISIBLE TRACER.


This 30mm traces in the invisible spectrum and can only be seen by the pilot wearing special lenses.

Used by the “NIGHT STALKERS” helicopters.

This load PIE-T is Pyrotechnically Initiated Explosive-Tracer. This is a fuzeless HE which explodes by chemical action on impact.

Tracer rounds only visible with night vision devices are also available in 5.56x45 and 7.62x51.

These 30mms are not visible with standard night vision devices. The enemy has those too.

That is so cool! Totaly amazing concept, use and cutaway.

What will be the marking for such a tracer?

These are only used by the 160th SOAR - “Night Stalkers” and are marked as you see.

What aircraft are these fired from? I didn’t think the Night Stalkers’ Black Hawks and Chinooks were fitted with any 30mm Weapons.

Here their choppers:
MH-47 … hinook.jpg
MH-60 … k_Hawk.jpg
MH-6 … e_Bird.jpg

Here their official website: … asp?uid=50

Thank you- those sites pretty much tell the story. You might recall them from the movie “Blackhawk down”.

There is also a 9x19mmPara “invisible” tracer. Green tip- and total green primer. Headstamp: Geco 9mm Luger.
( normal green tracer has only a green primer-rim)

Sorry I mixed up some cartridges, I gave the wrong info about the 9x19mm Para invisable tracer.
The invisible tracer has a red-tip, total green primer.
The normal visable red-tip tracer has only a green primer rim.
Headstamp: Geco 9mm Para