IPSCStore Ammunition-Estonia

I was sorting through some box lab and looking at the ARES box below I realized the address was in Estonia!


I went to their website and they offer ammo from a number of manufacturers.

Barnaul offered 9x19mm Centaur brand ammo 115gr ammo. They also offered .223, 30-06, 308 and the Russian military calibers as well as a 9.3x64mm. I have never seen the Centaur box below.

ARES offered the box above with red coated 150gr lead bullets along with Blue bullet 45 Auto and a number of other calibers

Magtech offered what looked like their commercial pistol cartridges-nothing special about the loads or boxes.

S&B offered normal commercial 40 S&W, 45ACP and 223

ZALA Arms in Lithuania (Odminiu g. 5, LT-01122, Vilnius) only offers 9x19mm and shotshells. Their 9mm Luger 150grn TANGO. I can’t make out the headstamp. Does anyone know of this company or perhaps know what their headstamp is?

Ficcchi only offered 223 and 45ACP

GGG also in Lithuania only offered 223, but the box for the HP load is very nice.

If anyone knows what the Zala headstamps are, I’d greatly appreciate the information being posted.


Lew - I enhanced that photo of the three headstamps
(row of five, heel to toe cartridges). The one on the
left seems to be a standard Lapua headstamp and the
other two are from CBC Brazil. This, along with the lead
bullets, screams “reloads” to me.

I love some of those boxes!

John Moss

Great Work!!! Your eyes are amazing for your age. Or probably, you just have an amazing eye doctor!!! Anyway, thanks.

I suspected reloads, which was the thing that made the most sense but I couldn’t read them at all.I’d love to have some of these boxes also. Wish I knew how to order, even if I had to have them shipped to somebody in Europe.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Barnaul headstamp was “CENTAUR”?

I actually have a dupe of the ARES box for you. I don’t know if I have the cartridge, much less a dupe! There is a variation of this box which is identical, except the ARES name and logo is not printed across the top of the label. That is the first one I ran across and wondered if it was an Estonian load! Then I ran across the box above.


Lew, the “IPSC Store” in Tallin who is just the customer of Ares.
Not to confuse that!

And “Zala Arms” is mainly a trade house only and usually they were only loading shotshells and making slugs in the past. So unlikely they are making any cases.
As suspected their 9x19 are reloads or loads using any available headstamp. Worth to be observed to see what may show up in future.